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Make no mistake about it. Users are the lifeblood of your business
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28 - 29 April 2018
Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur
This 2-day interactive growth bootcamp to help you build up your growth hacking machine and developing tactical strategies through Scalable Revenue Growth approach led by best selling author and advisor to over 200+ startups in Silicon Valley.

Discover Your Growth Potential
In this bootcamp, we’ll build your GROWTH plan around the three core pillars you need to achieve Scalable Revenue Growth!
A TACTICAL growth playbook so that you have a plan Every Single Day to find prospect, build a marketing pipeline and convert your deals to paying customers.
A process for OPERATIONAL excellence so that your team and you are 100% clear on what matters most in achieving scalable revenue growth.
A precise marketing STRATEGY so that you know exactly where to focus your company's sales efforts.
We keep this event small. You'll learn alongside founders just like you - a focused group of founders looking at 2018 as the year they break out of the plateau phase forever and begin the journey to reach revenue growth.
Imagine having your own marketing team for two days just to help you become successful. That’s what we have arranged for you. 

We will look at your website, your brand, your messaging, your target audience and we will focus on finding you smart inexpensive ways to find success.
To kick things off, we’ll introduce ourselves and our companies to lead us into a valuable hour of networking, ripe with JV and partner opportunities. Then we’ll jump straight into reverse engineering YOUR current lead-generation strategies.

Marketers are expected to pinpoint each and every marketing effort leading to the close. And with today’s multi-touch attribution reports, longer sales cycles & multiple touch points are no longer barricading visibility. The path to conversion is no longer a fairy tale land. It’s real. And it drives MASSIVE growth once you see it. Entrepreneurs, learn how to fuel your marketing programs to drive revenue this year.
Sweta is consistently on top of her game – evaluating herself and her work in order to increase effectiveness. She moves to a faster pace than most, and she responds quickly. She will get the work done and she will make sure it’s done RIGHT.
As the world’s fastest reader, I know the value of information. Sweta is chock full of powerful, useful, and easy-to-learn information that will help you profit in your knowl- edge-driven economy. You are going to be amazed at how quickly this information grows your business.
Her market research is outstanding, she meets the client’s objective and Sweta takes her work a step further by creating a documented plan. She does this in a way that is understandable and allows the client to see things from a different perspective.
Visionary Consultant
The first step for any demand generation campaign to is to be able to set up a system to generate leads that is based on your sales revenue goal for the year. We will break down the volume, velocity, and conversion at every stage of the funnel so you have an understanding of what to expect with your budget and how to build a program that fulfils your budget needs.
Session 1: Lead Generation & Funnel
Session 5: Data Analytics
Your growth strategies will help you build and shape your company but the effectives of them will determine the revenue. If you make data the core of your business than it is more likely to succeed than a business without any data.
Session 2: Tool Stack
Let’s talk about the tool stack and the implementation of the system that is needed to generate leads for a company. We want to have a system that you can use to repeat the process and ensure that you are generating leads with the right data. The system or the tool stack you choose will be your foundation. Let’s set up the foundation together so you can start building out your processes that align with the foundation of your leads
Session 6: Tracking & Measuring
There are so many ways to measure your marketing. What is the most effective way to measure each channel and ensure that it is bringing you revenue at the end of every month? How often do you measure your channels? This is designed to help you choose the right models – in an interactive order.
Session 3: Content Strategy
The content strategy will determine how you are going to bring in qualified leads on an on-going process.
Session 7: Marketing Landscape 
We will look at the marketing landscape to understand if our tracking is in place to measure conversions.
Session 4: Growth Hacking
How will your growth hack your way to success? Which channels will you use to determine the growth of your company? The channels will help you determine your key sources for your qualified leads. Growth hacking is not an overnight job but if you want to be successful then you will start by choosing your channels wisely.
Session 8: Marketing Analysis
Let’s talk ROI. Are we setup to start making revenue? We will test out two to three campaigns to ensure we are able to carry out the process and implement it after the workshop.
Goals, Budget Development and Growth Hacking
Measurement & Analytics
A visual buyer's journey mapped out for your company
Cutting edge, professional content marketing strategy
A calculation of your next year budget goals
The importance of setting goals and objectives for marketing efforts
Live on-the-spot company examples that put our session lessons into real life practice
Marketing math confidence - Learn the measurement and analytics you need to know
Blueprints to profitable marketing campaigns that will help your business or organisation grow
Sweta Patel has advised more than 200 high-growth startups in Silicon Valley. She’s the founder of Silicon Valley Startup Marketing, Best-Selling Author, and YEC Council Member. She's also a member of The Oracles, an exclusive brain trust of global entreprenuers. She was also the founder of Global Marketing Tactics, your #1 source for real-world marketing and training. Her passion is to teach startup founders and business owners how they can leverage different marketing technique, strategies, and tactics to meet their marketing goals and initiatives.

Sweta has worked with a vast number of international companies and national brands. She is truly a strategist in the marketing industry with a focus on people-centricity.
Founder of Silicon Valley Startup Marketing
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